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Robert Kennedy Jr.’s The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health (a Book Review)

All I have to say is WOW, I cannot recommend this book enough. I knew the “medical industrial complex” was profit-driven and basically controlled by Big Pharma, but this book made me realize how gawd-awful and absolutely disgusting the “industry” really is. Seriously, I literally found myself wanting to vomit in a bucket at several points while reading this book. The medical industrial complex is essentially like one big mafia family and Anthony Fauci is the godfather at the head of it all (not surprisingly, Fauci’s favorite book is The Godfatherand it may give you chills to learn that his favorite line is, “It’s not personal—it’s strictly business.”).


I’m not even sure if these Medical Industrial Complex “experts” realize how corrupt they even are, because valuing profit over public/individual health has been the way things have been done in the medical industry for a while now, probably for more than a hundred years or so, ever since the Rockefeller Foundation basically denied the existence of the immune system and declared that drugs and vaccines were the answer to all of the human body’s problems (read about this in the book). Then again, I guess if you manipulate clinical studies in a way that serves your agenda (e.g. purposely rig Hydroxychloroquine studies with a high, toxic dose of the drug to “prove” how dangerous it is) then you must know exactly what you’re doing. Discrediting older, simpler but unpatentable drugs (i.e. Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin) for the purposes of pushing forward patentable drugs (like Remdesivir) and vaccines (by Moderna, Pfizer, J&J) that you CAN make serious money off of isn’t done out of ignorance. It’s very deliberate.


At the very least, you MUST read the first quarter of this book, which is all about the COVID response and leadership that has been taking place for the past two years. I imagine Kennedy must have anticipated that people would dismiss and discredit what he says in the book as “misinformation,” so he was sure to footnote his research in an insanely meticulous fashion (there are over 2,000 citations of scientific studies and articles in the 480-page book). It’s an unbelievable Herculean effort. I would love to see Fauci sit down with Kennedy and debunk the “misinformation” in the book. He never will, though, because he…well, he likely can’t. Instead, he prefers to go on friendly media channels like CNN and NBC and repeat vague slogans like “Follow the science” and “Look at the data” without being specific as to what science and data he is actually referring to. 


Overall, Kennedy’s book reminds me of why I used to identify as a Democrat many moons ago, especially during the Bush Jr. administration, an administration full of the war-mongering “Vulcans”: Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Bolton, et al. That was a dark Republican administration, indeed.


Kennedy is an old-school Democrat (incidentally, he’s not a huge fan of Trump, either) and he made me realize that I identified as a Democrat back in the early 2000s, not because I was a different person back then, but because the party was very different from what it is today. No, it wasn’t perfect and I certainly wouldn’t agree with all it stood for knowing who I am today, but the Kennedy Democrat party was much, MUCH different.


Back in the day, the Democrats were actually suspicious of Big Pharma (imagine that!) instead of worshipping it like a god; they actually encouraged spirited debate and were adamantly opposed to censoring free speech (even if this censoring was done in the name of protecting us from “misinformation”); they were pro-Constitution and pro-democracy; they believed in freedom and individual rights, no matter what, even if there was a scary pandemic that authoritarians wanted to exploit as an excuse to roll out tyranny. The true Democratic party was a watchdog of corporate corruption and corporate greed; it would have been very suspicious of the vaccine-obsessed billionaire Bill Gates instead of praising him and kissing his ass every chance it gets. Yes, the old Democratic party would have asked why Gates was pulling the strings behind the entire worldwide COVID vaccination effort. They also would have questioned why Gates spent the last 20 years conducting “germ game” simulations that eerily resembled the COVID-19 pandemic, and then, like magic, voila, a real COVID pandemic happened and he conveniently stood to gain billions of dollars off of it via his stakes in various pharmaceutical companies as well as stakes in companies like Amazon and Facebook that made a fortune off of lockdowns. And, hmmm, maybe the old Democratic Party would have found it suspicious that Gates funds media outlets like NPR and “fact-checkers” like PolitiFact to fashion the official COVID narrative in a way that will make him richer and more powerful.


More than anything else, the Democratic party used to be for the little guy, not a party for the big guy like Gates and the other elitists.


No wonder why the Washington “Swamp” despised the Kennedy Democratic Party so much. Both Robert Sr. and, of course, John were “taken out of commission” for this very reason. That’s not the kind of Democratic party The Swamp wanted to see thrive.


If you’re confused by anything I said above, you just gotta read the book! It will explain everything. Give it a chance. And keep in mind, the people dismissing the information in this book as “misinformation!” are the very people who stand to lose billions of dollars if such information gets out and, God forbid, people start listening to it. The good news, I suppose, is that this book is #1 on AMAZON, and a NEW YORK TIMES, WALL STREET JOURNAL, USA TODAY and PUBLISHERS WEEKLY NATIONAL BESTSELLER. This means people are listening!


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