Monday, July 19, 2021

Establishing Dominance


I had a strange dream last night. I was outside a Greek pizza shop. There were at least two other people outside, one was male and the other female and I guess maybe they could have been my friends, though I did not recognize them. I told these “friends” I was going to go inside the pizza place, grab two slices and also a beer.

I went inside the pizza place and there was a tall counter and two young Greek guys behind it. They looked down on me and asked what I wanted. I told them I wanted two slices of cheese pizza. The Greek guy was about to get the two slices for me, but then he suggested I just go ahead and order a small cheese pizza because the price was only slightly higher than getting two slices. He may have been helping me out or he may have been upselling, but I figured he was right, so I told him to go ahead and cook up a small cheese pizza for me.

As I was waiting for the pizza, I said to myself, “Damn, you know what’s going to happen now, though? I’m going to walk out with a small cheese pizza and I’m going to look like a jerk if I don’t offer any to my friends. But if I do offer them any, I’m not going to have enough for myself. Maybe I should have just stuck with the slices to make things less complicated.” But then I thought I should maybe get a large cheese pizza, even though it would cost much more money than I had originally planned for. I figured this way I could not only look like a nice guy in giving my friends (or whoever the people outside were) some pizza but I could also establish dominance over them.

Wait, what?

Yes, establish dominance. I figured if I’m the one paying for the pizza, then that will elevate me to a position of superiority in the social order of the group. The “provider” of food ends up getting the upper hand, the dominance over the others. If you’re confused by this, then think about why men like to pay for a woman’s dinner while on a date. In doing this, they look like a nice guy, yes, but they also establish a primal-like dominance over the woman (i.e. I’m paying for YOUR dinner, therefore I now have the dominance over you in this relationship). Now, you may be saying that this all sounds so sexist, but we can all admit that if the opposite happened, if the woman paid for the man’s dinner, the man would feel emasculated. The woman would have the dominance in the relationship and the man would feel weak and powerless.

Anyway, I woke up from the dream around this time and thought about what it all meant. I pondered this whole phenomenon of establishing dominance through the process of giving people stuff or providing for people or taking care of people. You look like a nice guy on the surface, but the ulterior motive could also be that you are establishing dominance.

This is when I realized that this is EXACTLY what is happening right now with our government.

In an interview last week, Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra, said, and I quote:

“The Federal Government has spent trillions of dollars to try and keep Americans alive during this pandemic. So it is absolutely the government’s business [to know people’s vaccination status], it is taxpayers’ business, if we have to continue to spend money to try and keep people from contracting COVID.”[1]


What Becerra is saying here is that, because the government has spent so much money on people via COVID relief, the government now has the right to know who is and isn’t vaccinated. This means there is no privacy when it comes to the government knowing whether you got the shot. This also means that, because the government spent so much money on you, you are now indebted to the government and, thus, they kind of own a part of you and you’re obligated to surrender certain rights to them. In short: the government has established dominance over you.

Indeed, what we are witnessing in the government today is a conscious effort to establish dominance over the individual and they’re basically accomplishing this by providing that individual with free money and free services. Whether it’s COVID relief checks, unemployment checks, child tax credits aka “middle-class tax cuts”, student loan forgiveness, free healthcare, free child care, racial “equity” or even universal basic income (which was just made law in California), the endgame is not to really help those in need but to establish dominance over them. This dominance, in turn, gives the government much more power. In fact, this is the modus operandi of an authoritarian communist regime. You give the people a bunch of free stuff, but you indebt and, thus, enslave them to you in the process.

Therefore, what we are witnessing today is a government trying to become authoritarian but in a sneaky way. They’re coming off as the saviors who offer short-term help to the little guy through free money and services, but what they are really doing in the long-term is establishing dominance.

Now, at first thought, people love the idea of free stuff and government assistance, but what you end up losing in the long run is your individual freedom and, really, your soul. This has happened time and time again in history and it’s time we wake up and realize what is happening right before our very eyes.

Giving to people in need is, of course, a virtuous move but not when it comes at the price of the people’s liberty!


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[1] Mastrangelo, Dominick. “HHS head: ‘Absolutely the government’s business’ to know people’s vaccination status.” The Hill, 8 July 2021, HHS head: 'Absolutely the government's business' to know people's vaccine status | TheHill.