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Miranda Devine's LAPTOP FROM HELL: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide (Book Review)

Miranda Devine’s LAPTOP FROM HELL was even better than I thought it would be. At first, I thought the book was going to be too heavy on Hunter’s drug use, relationship dramas, sex with prosties and other debauchery, but the book soon gets heavy on the business deals, especially with China. Basically, what happened in a nutshell is Hunter sold America out to China and other countries, but especially China. There is a lot of business lingo and buzzwords used in the book, but the bottom line is that Hunter made a deal with China where he would help the communist-run country begin business ventures in America with the help of the Biden name and the connections the Biden family had. Joe – the “big guy” – was a kind of silent partner. He knew what was happening, but he wanted as little involvement with the details as possible, so that he could pull a “plausible deniability” card if he needed to, basically pretend he didn’t know anything about Hunter’s business deals, which would be half-true because he wasn’t involved in any of the nitty gritties. 


So, yes, the Biden family is actually connected to China much more than I even realized. Trump was disliked by China not just because of the tariff war that was costing them greatly but also because he was trying to put a stop to China’s efforts in getting its communist claws into America via as many business ventures as possible. Trump knew this was an indirect form of Chinese imperialism—not to mention a sneaky means of communist infiltration—and, thus, he viewed it is a national security threat to America. China definitely wanted Biden as president over Trump, and gee, it’s so convenient that the COVID virus happened to come out of Wuhan, China and spread throughout the world during the months leading up to the 2020 election, which conveniently allowed the Democrats to run on how horrible Trump was handling the COVID response in America and also conveniently made mail-in voting the norm, which could conveniently buy the democrats some time to manipulate the election outcome if they saw Trump was winning. That virus was a godsend for China. How convenient.


Also, this book makes Mike Lindell’s claim that China hacked into Dominion voting machines to help get Biden elected much easier to believe. The Chinese Communist Party definitely did not want Trump as president anymore. He was costing China a lot of money and a lot of power. They were making so much progress in their attempts to become world superpower, but Trump made them go backwards again. They had to get him out of the picture and put Chinese President Xi JinPing’s “old friend” Joe in his place (they really are old friends, as the book shows).


As infuriating as it all is to read about, I must admit it’s hard to be angry at Hunter for basically selling out America to enrich himself. He is very screwed up on drugs and did have a trauma in his childhood—losing his mom and sister in a tragic car accident—but I think he plays the victim card a little too much and uses it to excuse the fact that he’s doing a lot of bad things. I think Joe his father does the same thing. He’s gotten a lot of passes over the years because of losing his wife and daughter. It’s sad, of course, but you can’t use victimhood as an excuse for bad behavior.


By the way, I don’t think I could be the only one who suspects that Hunter may have left his laptop in that Delaware Mac repair shop on purpose, perhaps to sabotage his dad’s chances of becoming POTUS. After all, as the book shows, he was writing angry text messages to his dad at the time and was bitter over the media suggesting that Hunter’s screwed-up life could be the main reason Biden can’t run for and/or win the presidency. I get that he was cracked out of his mind, but Hunter did return to the Mac shop a second time to drop off an external hard drive that the repairman could use to transfer files. So it’s not like he had dropped off the laptop in a cracked-out haze and completely forgot what he had done with it. Not only had he returned to the shop a second time but the shop owner contacted him several times to have him pick it up. Mighty suspicious if you ask me.


Anyway, after reading this book, it becomes clear that the Biden family has no business running our country, not just because of the compromising Chinese connections, but also because they clearly need to get their sh** together as a family. They all need major family therapy. How can you run a country when you can’t even run a family properly?


What’s more insane than anything else, however, is the fact that the mainstream media collectively censored this story about the laptop in the month before the 2020 election. They were clearly trying to help Biden get elected. If that’s not election interference, I don’t know what is. I mean, they were literally preventing anybody from spreading this story on social media. They cooked up this wacko theory about a Russian disinformation campaign and Joe Biden lied to the American people during a debate, saying a handful of State department yahoos like John Brennan all suggested the laptop was Russian disinformation so it must be true (he knew better). The media should be ashamed of itself. The censorship of the laptop story really marked the time when media officially revealed itself as state propaganda and not a free press.





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