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Why Biden May Have Passively-Aggressively Allowed Russia to Invade Ukraine (and continues to passively allow it to happen)


If you’re like me and always feel that something is ‘off’ about the Biden administration and how they behave or handle certain situations, there may be a good reason for it. When it comes to the Russia/Ukraine situation, I believe there is a lot more going on behind the scenes than meets the eye. The official narrative is basically that Putin is invading Ukraine because he wants his old Soviet Union back and the U.S. isn’t quite sure how to respond because we don’t want to start World War 3 and we especially don’t want to provoke a nuclear war. 


When you start to investigate what’s behind the official narrative, however, you begin to see something much more complex and even more sinister. Although I definitely don’t claim to have all the answers, I urge you to consider the following thoughts:


First, we need to go back to Afghanistan.


In August 2021, Biden botched the Afghanistan withdrawal in a manner that defied common sense. Why would you pull out the U.S. troops before you made sure all Americans had been evacuated first? The reckless withdrawal ultimately resulted in the deaths of 13 American soldiers (many others were wounded). What was the reason behind Biden’s disastrous withdrawal? Most people said it was due to incompetence, but I never bought that excuse. It seemed too deliberate. It felt like there was an ulterior motive, but what exactly would that motive be?


Well, see if you can follow all this: 


In 2013, an investment firm named Rosemont Seneca owned by Hunter Biden and Chris Heinz (John Kerry’s stepson) merged with a Chinese firm Bohai Capital, forming BHR, a private investment fund.[1]


Hunter Biden currently has a 10% stake in BHR.[2]


A company that has been documented to be in BHR’s investment portfolio (i.e. a company BHR invested in) is a company called CATL (Contemporary Amperex Technology, Limited), a Chinese company that is the world’s largest manufacturer of electric vehicle batteries.[3] Although it’s difficult to confirm whether the company is still definitely in BHR’s portfolio as of today, it was last documented to be in their portfolio as of August 30th 2021, right after the botched Afghanistan withdrawal (see screenshot below). This is important as you’ll see in a minute.[4]


A list of companies in BHR's portfolio.
Photo credited to Patel Patriot's Devolution Series.

On June 28, 2021, CATL made a deal with Tesla to supply the company with its car batteries.[5] This meant big bucks for CATL.


Only days later (July 2, 2021), Joe Biden began the beginning stages of his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan when he ordered the U.S. military to abandon Bagram air base.[6] He ultimately abandoned thousands of Americans in Afghanistan and billions of dollars of American military equipment. The hasty and poorly-executed withdrawal made no common sense and the Taliban unsurprisingly took back control of Afghanistan, mainly because Biden made it super-easy for them to do so. In fact, it was almost like Biden handed it over to them on purpose.


Now, who really benefited from this botched withdrawal?




According to an August 2021 Forbes magazine article, China quickly swooped into Afghanistan and began talks with the Taliban to help “rebuild” the country, but what China was really interested in was Afghanistan’s lithium-rich land, because lithium is what CATL uses to manufacture its batteries for electric vehicles.[7] They needed this endless supply of lithium if they wanted to continue to dominate the market in its manufacturing of electric car batteries.


So let’s recap. Hunter Biden has a 10% stake in BHR. As of late-August 2021, CATL is part of BHR’s portfolio. CATL and the Chinese Communist Party in general are benefitting greatly from Biden recklessly withdrawing the U.S. from lithium-rich Afghanistan and basically handing the country over to the Taliban (again, Forbes magazine pointed this out, not me). And what benefits CATL benefits BHR, which benefits Hunter Biden and the “big guy” Joe Biden.


To put this very simply, China and the Biden family ultimately benefit financially off of the reckless Afghanistan withdrawal. 


Now, taking all of the above into consideration, one can’t help but think about what’s REALLY happening with Russia and Ukraine right now. 


So far, what has been the biggest global consequence of Russia invading Ukraine? That’s right: extremely high oil and gas prices. Even Biden admits this. He literally blames Putin and nobody else for the high price of gas (he refers to it as “Putin’s price hike”).[8]


How convenient it is that Russia invading Ukraine helps facilitate Biden’s green energy agenda and forces both America and much of the rest of the world into quickly adopting electric vehicles as the new standard. Who will this benefit? You got it: it benefits the Chinese company CATL, the world’s largest manufacturer of electric car batteries, which (assuming CATL is still part of BHR’s portfolio as it was last August) ultimately benefits BHR, the company Hunter Biden and the “big guy” Joe Biden have a 10% stake in.


No wonder why Biden has been so passive and slow to move when it comes to Russia invading Ukraine or even when it came to deterring Russia from invading to begin with. And no wonder why China has either been silent or outright supportive of the Russian invasion as well.[9] The war quickly boosts energy prices on a global scale, forces a swift move to green energy, including the adoption of electric vehicles, and who ultimately benefits? China and the Biden family.


If you don’t yet believe that the Biden administration is a puppet administration installed by China (done with the help of a COVID virus that helped steal the 2020 presidential election), then you may want to begin considering this. Again, I don’t have all the answers yet and I haven’t successfully connected every single dot, but you have to admit that something smells really rotten in Denmark.


MATT BURNS is the author of The Woman and The Dragon, a novella inspired by the Book of Revelation. He’s also published many novels (Johnny CruiseSupermarket Zombies! et al.) as well as memoirs (Garage Movie: My Adventures Making Weird FilmsBostonwood et al.). Check out these books (and many more) on his Amazon author page HERE.




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