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NO-NO, LEARN TO LOVE THE REJECTION: Some sage advice for writers in search of an agent or publisher

I have been writing for almost 20 years now—ok, maybe 18 years if you want to be all exacto knife about it. I started out by writing pretty much nothing but screenplays. Then I decided I wanted to write novels, so I wrote five or six of those. Between novels, I would also write a short story or two here and there. 


About ten years into being a writer, I tried my hand at writing poetry and wrote hundreds of poems. Eventually, I grew tired of writing the poetry, so I began writing nonfiction—mainly memoir. I wrote several shorter memoirs and two very large ones, one about my filmmaking adventures and the other about my experience fighting Lyme disease.


All in all, I have probably written hundreds of thousands of words of both fiction and nonfiction. Hundreds upon hundreds and thousands upon thousands of pages. It’s really quite insane to look at how much I have written, to be honest.


Through this entire period of writing, I must have queried hundreds of literary agents, publishers, literary magazines, literary journals and whatever else. With the exception of a few bites here and there, nobody was interested in anything I wrote. Most people would never give me any kind of response. If I did get a response, it would be a form letter that an assistant cut and pasted into an email and then clicked ‘send’. On a rare occasion, I would get a personal response. It would say something along the lines of “Keep going!” and then tell me to start a blog or that “self-publishing eBooks is really in style these days.” 


Over time, I would say that the pace at which I sent out material and/or queried agents became slower and slower and then, eventually, I basically stopped altogether. For a period of about five years, I would only send out queries or other material on a very sporadic basis. I was mainly working on new projects during this period and I didn’t want to spend the time sending queries out only to get no response or a form letter in return.


By the middle of 2021, I finished my latest book LYMEY BASTARD, the aforementioned memoir about my four-year-plus battle with Lyme disease, and I had no idea what to do with it. Again, after almost 20 years of writing, I had been unsuccessful in getting a literary agent interested in my work, let alone a publisher. It would have been nice to call up my literary agent and say, “Hey, I finished a new book! Help me figure out what to do with it!” but that simply wasn’t an option for me. Thus, I basically said to myself, “Look, there’s only one option you have here (other than to immediately self-publish) and that is to literally open a can of whoop-ass and do an absolute blitzkrieg of the literary market. You have to assault the literary agent industry and the indie publisher industry with your queries, proposals, synopses, manuscripts—whatever they will take.”


And this is exactly what I did.


I set my sights on the number 100. That is, I would send 100 personally-tailored queries and proposals to a mix of agents and publishers—whoever would accept unsolicited, un-agented submissions. The goal was not to necessarily get an agent or get somebody to publish my book. The goal was to reach the number 100. That way, I would feel some sense of accomplishment as I got closer to 100. Rejection was fine, so long as I was getting to that magic number of 100.


Now, when I say I personally tailored each and every one of these queries, what I mean is that I didn’t just do a mass-mailing that said the same old thing—you know, like a copy and paste job. No, I wanted to make each and every query personal and custom-made. In order to do this, I researched every single agent and publisher to the best of my ability. I wanted to know what they were looking for (memoir? fiction? science-based-books? health & wellness? offbeat/quirky? humor?). I also wanted to know who they represented either presently or in the past. For example, one agent I found represented the Beastie Boys (for their band memoir) and another agent represented a former DJ of the Beastie Boys (for his own memoir). I was sure to note to these agents that I had written a Kindle single about the Beastie Boys and I subsequently provided a link to that Kindle single on Amazon (HERE is the book if you are interested). Other agents had a client who published a book that I felt was very similar to mine, so I mentioned that in the letter. Another agent happened to mention somewhere that they liked F. Scott Fitzgerald, so I was sure to mention the fact that I, too, loved Fitzgerald and subsequently gave the agent a link to an article I wrote on Fitzgerald a few years back. Yet another agent lived very close to me (in Massachusetts, not in NYC where most are located), so I made a note of that. Some agents even went to the same college as me so I, of course, mentioned that. Heck, I even told a publisher that I was a distant cousin of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. whose book—The Real Anthony Fauci—they had just published (it’s true, you guys—he’s my great-great-grandmother’s-cousin’s-wife’s-great-nephew or something like that; read about this HERE). I knew that the more personal I made the letter, the better. You don’t want the agents saying to themselves—oh, this is just a lazy cut and paste job, a mass mailing.


Needless to say, writing 100 custom-made queries is extremely time-consuming. Not helping matters is the fact that pretty much every agent and/or publisher out there have different submission guidelines. Some places simply want a query letter, nothing more. Others want a query with a synopsis. Then other places want a query with a full proposal that includes a chapter outline and sample chapters. Some places want the proposal with sample chapters, but they don’t want the sample chapters to be the first chapters of the book. Other places, however, do want the sample chapters to be the first chapters of the book, including the book’s introduction. Then you have some places who want a query and nothing else but a marketing strategy. And then some places even want the entire manuscript, which is rare for agents but for indie publishers they’re often cool with you sending them the full manuscript along with a query. On top of all this, some places want email queries only, others want you to use an online form, like on “Submittable” or “Query Manager”, and then some places still prefer snail mail with a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope)! Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, there are many places who require that you have never self-published your book in any form, even on a blog or social media, and then other places are only looking for self-published material that has a proven track record of selling like hotcakes. Agh!!! Agh!!!!!!! Agggghhhhhh!!!!!


What this all means is that you have to carefully read and re-read the submission guidelines for each agent and publisher. As you can imagine, this gets to be an incredibly tedious process. For the cry of my eye, why can’t every agent and publisher have universal guidelines to make it easier for writers? I think I know why. Because they enjoy driving writers nuts—that’s why. They get sadistic pleasure out of it.


Anyway, it took me about six months to send 100 custom-made queries/proposals out to a mixture of agents and publishers. Out of those 100, the majority of places did not respond at all. Maybe 25% responded with an impersonal form letter that was cut and pasted into the email. And, ladies and gentlemen…drum roll please…out of 100 queries, I literally only received ONE…yes, ONE…personal response. It was from a small publisher located in Arizona. Also, out of 100 proposals, only two places requested to read my manuscript after reading the query. Yes, only two places. And both of those places ultimately rejected me.


So…the journey continues, I guess. I met my goal of sending out 100 personal queries and/or proposals. I sent out many manuscripts as well, for those who would accept them. I told many agents about other books I have written, gave them the link to my blog as well as the link to my Amazon author page that has all my Kindle singles, hoping that something, anything would catch somebody’s…anybody’s eye. However, there was not too much interest other than the couple of aforementioned bites. I’m, of course, still waiting to hear from many people. I imagine a handful will still get back to me. One publisher took a full six months to respond. In fact, I just heard from them the other day. 


Why am I telling you all this? Well, I guess, if you’re out there and you are discouraged from a ton of rejection, you are not alone. I’ve been doing this for almost 20 years now and all I’ve gotten is rejection.


But, in all honestly, the more rejection I get, the better it feels. Well, ok, it stings at first, but then it collectively feels good because I know I’m leaving NO STONE UNTURNED. And I’m leaving EVERYTHING ON THE FIELD. Even though I absolutely despise this process—it’s the worst part of being a writer—I still know that I’m giving it my all. I don’t want to get to a point at the end of my writing career and say, “You know, I don’t think I tried hard enough to get my work ‘out there’ into the world. I loved writing, but I was too lazy in trying to get published.” I know I haven’t been lazy as far as the writing goes—that part has been easy for me. It’s the process of trying to get your work published that absolutely sucks the most. It is not fun at all, but I guess a necessary evil. The biggest thing I fear right now is that I will find myself on my death bed and realize I could have done more to get my writing published. Yes, that’s my biggest fear. That and large crowds.


Anyway, because I’m a nice guy and also because I believe in good writing karma, I’m going to give you some hot tips that I wish somebody would have told me six months ago. 


Tip A. If you want to find a HUGE list of literary agents accepting unsolicited submissions, you want to go to There are more than 680 literary agents listed there who accept submissions. On this directory, you can also narrow your agent search according to genre or style of writing (e.g. quirky/offbeat writing, memoir, literary fiction, horror etc.).


Tip #2. Here is a list of 20 or so indie publishers who accept unsolicited queries and/or proposals from un-agented writers. Some of these places even accept the entire manuscript.


Turner Publishing


Touch Point Press


Schaffner Press


Joffe Books


TCK Publishing


Kensington Books


Quirk Books


Skyhorse Publishing


Unnamed Press


Persea Books


NCM Publishing


Bancroft Press


Artisan Books


Speaking Volumes


Chronicle Books


Camino Books


Chicago Review Press


McFarland Books


Shambhala Publications




There are, of course, many other small publishers out there who accept material from un-agented writers, but I thought I’d give you a good place to start. Aren’t I such a nice guy? Just don’t forget about me when you get published or get an agent. Tell them about me. Give them an ultimatum: they don’t sign you unless they sign me first. I can count on you, right?


Chances are, though, that you will be rejected by most of the places I mention above. But don’t let that discourage you. Be like me and learn to love rejection. Before you know it, all the rejection will leave you with a warm feeling inside. You will know that you’re giving it your all. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.


Also, don’t drink too much. It numbs the pain of rejection short-term, but it ultimately leads you down a dark path in life. Ok, if you MUST drink, just don’t drink cheap beer like Natty Ice. I heard this from a friend, of course. I don’t know from personal experience.



MATT BURNS is the author of several novels, including Supermarket Zombies!Weird Monster and Johnny Cruise. He’s also written numerous memoirs, including GARAGE MOVIE: My Adventures Making Weird FilmsMY RAGING CASE OF BEASTIE FEVERJUNGLE F’NG FEVER: MY 30-YEAR LOVE AFFAIR W/ GUNS N’ ROSES and I TURNED INTO A MISFIT! Check out these books (and many more) on his Amazon author page HERE.



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BIDEN’S BAD KARMA: How Joe’s Disastrous First Year in Office Exposes Him as an Illegitimate President

karma, Sanskrit karman (“act”), Pali kamma, in Indian religion and philosophy, the universal causal law by which good or bad actions determine the future modes of an individual’s existence.[1]


It’s been about a year now that President Joe Biden has been in office. I like to give everybody a fair shake, but by August of 2021—when the Afghanistan withdrawal was botched in such a bizarrely incompetent manner—it was abundantly clear that Joe Biden will literally be written into the history books as the worst president in American history. Sorry, but it’s true. And I’m apparently not the only one who thinks this way, as a recent Quinnipiac poll revealed that Biden has a devastating 33% approval rating.[2] What that poll basically tells us is that Biden is not working for the American people. Who he is working for (China? Globalists? Russian oligarchs? the Mexican cartel? all of the above?) is yet to be determined, but a 33% approval rating means he is basically committing treason against his fellow Americans, if not in an outright manner—meaning he is literally working for an enemy country like China—then at least in an indirect way, meaning that everything he does is the opposite from what is in the best interests of the American people, which is in itself treasonous. No, instead of looking out for the best interests of the American people, Biden is clearly looking out for the interests of an elitist minority class. Otherwise, Biden would have more like a 67% job approval rating and a 33% disapproval rating.


Anyway, here is a brief summation of why Biden’s presidency has been such a disaster for non-elitist America:


-       COVID cases are more rampant under Joe than they were under Trump, even though Biden has a “vaccine” in use (Trump didn't).[3] The refusal to admit that the “vaccine” (I use quotes because it is more like a treatment at this point than a vaccine) is not as effective as initially thought is both killing people and needlessly slowing America down. It is obvious that we need to rethink our approach to battling COVID. There needs to be less emphasis on the “vaccine” and more emphasis on early treatment (antibody treatments, anti-viral drugs, vitamin-based prophylactics—e.g. Zinc and Vitamin D—etc.).


-       Biden botched America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan and abandoned many Americans there in a manner that absolutely defied common sense. Why would you pull out the troops before you made sure all Americans had been evacuated first…unless you lacked common sense or had some other ulterior agenda? The reckless withdrawal ultimately resulted in the deaths of 13 American soldiers (many others were wounded).[4]


-       As if botching the Afghanistan withdrawal wasn’t bad enough, Biden “vowed retaliation” for the deaths of the 13 soldiers and launched an “over the horizon” drone strike as part of this promise of revenge. Well, guess what? The drone strike killed 10 innocent Afghan civilians, including 7 children, but no terrorists.[5] Do you remember that? Many of us may have already forgotten it because the mainstream press tried to sweep the story under the rug as quickly as possible.


-       Biden divided the nation with an unreasonable vaccine mandate that SCOTUS ultimately deemed unconstitutional (thanks to God) because, well, it WAS unconstitutional and only an enemy of the United States Constitution would have tried to pull such a stunt.[6]


-       The store shelves are empty due to a supply chain crisis. Now, what they want you to believe is that this is COVID’s fault, not Biden’s. But it IS Biden’s fault and, to be fair, also Dr. Fauci’s fault. Their refusal to proactively attack COVID with early treatment protocols set us back months so far and perhaps will even set us back years. Early treatment protocols (including monoclonal antibodies and, yes, Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine) that do exist and have been proven effective would have made Americans healthier, kept COVID cases down and, thus, would have made the supply chain run more smoothly without interruption.



The bare shelves at my local Trader Joe's all thanks to Traitor Joe Biden.



-       Biden spends more time trying to get rid of the filibuster or federalize the election process than he does addressing the insane rise in crime or the rise in inflation or the supply chain crisis or the southern border crisis, rising gas prices etc. because he is a power-hungry dictator at the core; that’s right, he is the one literally attacking democracy in plain sight when he claims that he is trying to protect democracy. It’s basically like we Americans are in an emotionally abusive relationship with Joe Biden. In abusive relationships, the abuser relentlessly gaslights and uses projection to abuse their victim. The abuser accuses the abusee of doing the exact thing that he’s doing right in front of their very eyes (i.e. attacking democracy). Biden gets us to fixate on January 6th and the supposed “insurrection” that never happened (it was rioting—most likely incited by the left and/or FBI in false-flag-fashion—not an insurrection) as a way to cloak himself from attacking democracy right in plain sight. 


-       While he supposedly has no time to visit the southern border, Biden has plenty of time to test-drive electric Hummers for no other practical reason than to promote a technology that will help enrich his son (Hunter has financial stakes in this technology).[7] Even The New York Times has called him out on this.[8]


-       Biden pretty much spends every weekend to get away and “think” at his gated 2.7-million-dollar beach house in Delaware where, last time I checked, he is allowing absolutely ZERO undocumented immigrants to live in despite the fact that it could probably house at least a couple dozen immigrants in its six bedrooms.[9] That’s right: Biden pretends to be so concerned with the poor immigrants and he opens the southern border wide for them to all flood through in chaotic, unorganized and unvetted fashion. Come on in, says Joe, so long as you’re far, far away from his wall-fortified[10] Delaware beach house that, again, could probably house a couple dozen of immigrants who Biden pretends to care so much about.


-       We have very high gas prices, mainly due to Biden’s shutting down of the Keystone Pipeline in America, effectively killing America’s newfound energy independence. This was a weird move because, not long after shutting down Keystone, he removed sanctions that were hindering the construction of the Nord Stream Russia-Germany pipeline.[11] If he cared so much about the environment, why would Biden help the Russia-Germany pipeline be constructed? It’s another example of putting America last. Just what country is he working for anyway?


-       Biden has held fewer press conferences throughout his first year in office than any of the five presidents preceding him (only presidents Nixon and Reagan held fewer than Biden—Trump held twice as many).[12] [13] This makes Biden the least transparent president in at least a few decades and the third least transparent president in American history. When he does have press conferences, they are carefully orchestrated and he only calls on pre-chosen reporters who he knows will go easy on him.


-       Inflation is up 7% from this time last year, the highest it’s been since 1982.[14]


I could go on and on, but I will leave it at that. Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki would, of course, disagree with me and talk a big game about “record job growth”, “record low unemployment”, “more than 200 million people vaccinated!” (no mention of COVID cases being at an all-time high despite these 200 million being vaccinated)[15] and some “restored alliances across the globe” (watch video of Psaki saying this HERE).[16]However, when you really think about it, most of these Biden “successes” can be credited to the previous administration; after all, Trump built one of the strongest economies America had experienced in a long time and the vaccine wouldn’t have even existed had it not been for Trump’s Operation Warp Speed. Psaki really has to scrape the bottom of the barrel in order to come up with successes that can truly be credited to her boss Joe.


In conclusion, I am still, after a year, all the more convinced that Joe Biden is a straight-up FRAUDULENT PRESIDENT (oh boy, I said it!) because there is no way that a legitimate president could be so unsuccessful in his endeavors and have so much bad luck and bad karma on his side. Indeed, karma tells us everything we need to know and karma is constantly at odds with Biden every step of the way. And I mean every step of the way. He can’t even make it up the stairs of Air Force One without karma beating down on him and tripping him up.[17]



What created such bad karma? The big steal of the 2020 election, of course. Biden’s not supposed to be in office right now and karma is, therefore, one-hundred-percent at odds with him. Think of the Midas touch where everything you touch turns to gold (i.e. everything turns to success) and then think of the complete opposite of that. Biden is the complete opposite of the Midas touch. Everything he touches turns to failure or, even worse, destruction. 


What I’m saying here is that it is literally impossible for Biden to have success with anything he does as POTUS because he is completely void of good karma. That’s really the bottom line. Biden couldn’t be successful if he tried a thousand times harder than he’s trying right now. It’s literally impossible.


Now, I use the word ‘karma’ here because I think that it is the most universally understandable term to use. ‘Karma’, of course, is a word that comes from various Indian religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism), but I’m using it in a very non-religious way to basically mean ‘luck’ or ‘fortune’ or ‘juju’—there are probably a zillion other terms one could use.


For the Christians out there, a good substitute for the word ‘karma’ would be the word ‘anointing’, which basically means a blessing by God. Biden is completely void of God’s anointing and this is why he is incapable of doing anything the least bit constructive. All his actions therefore end up being destructive and chaotic.


If you read the Bible, you see something very similar in the Old Testament’s first Book of Samuel wherein we hear the story of Israel’s first king: Saul. When he becomes king of Israel, Saul has the anointing of God upon him and therefore has success with most of his endeavors. However, there is a turning point during his reign where he begins to go against God and this is the moment when he loses the anointing. From this point forward, Saul is basically doomed. Everything he touches turns to disaster and he becomes so void of God’s anointing that evil spirts have an all-access pass to torment him and literally drive him mad. In place of God, Saul consults with the witch of Endor for spiritual guidance, though that unsurprisingly only facilitates his doom. Saul’s mind ultimately experiences a total meltdown and he gradually spirals into self-destruction.


Sound familiar?


Sounds a lot like Biden, doesn’t it?


Indeed, Joe Biden is so void of anything even resembling an anointing that his mind is literally experiencing a meltdown into mush. Call it dementia, call it what you will, but Biden is clearly doomed. The only thing that can save him is coming clean and telling the world that he is a treasonous fraud. That’s the only hope he has of getting good karma and some semblance of an anointing back into his life.


The same goes for Kamala, too. 


Kamala’s approval ratings are even lower than Joe’s (a recent Suffolk University/USA Today poll had her approval rating at 32%).[18] Kamala is so void of karma and anointing that she can hardly string two coherent sentences together anymore, as we saw in her most recent interview with NBC.[19]




“It is time for us to do what we have been doing and that time is every day, every day it is time for us to agree that there are things and tools that are available to us to slow this thing down.”


--Kamala Harris in NBC interview


Unlike Joe, you can’t blame dementia for her mental meltdown. You can only blame a madness that results from being so at odds with good karma and, well, so at odds with God Himself. Heck, sometimes she is so karmically-void that all she can do is cackle like a witch. Yes, a witch…like the witch of Endor…hmmm…the parallels between the reign of Saul and Biden continue to present themselves.


The bottom line is that Kamala’s karma (should we henceforth call her Karmala?) has basically left a void inside her where she is almost like a walking zombie unable to say anything of relevance or meaning or even coherence anymore. I think all of us take for granted how much we need good karma to function well in life. If we live a generally righteous, truthful life, things generally go smoothly for us. But if you live a lie or you are a fraud or a cheat, the karma kind of eats away at your soul and you’re eventually left with nothing but a void. You can hardly even function anymore. You are a mad, cackling zombie, which is what we’re witnessing with Kamala right now.


Again, the only hope Biden and Kamala have is to completely change course and go down a more righteous, truthful path in life. Otherwise, the bad karma will keep eating away at them just like the evil spirits kept eating away at King Saul. Those evil spirits in the story of Saul were essentially bad karma personified. If all you have is that kind of bad energy in and around you, you will be capable of nothing except failure, destruction and chaos. No matter how hard you try to succeed, your efforts will be futile.



MATT BURNS is the author of THE WOMAN AND THE DRAGON, a novella inspired by the Book of Revelation. He’s also published many novels (Johnny CruiseSupermarket Zombies! et al.) as well as memoirs (Garage Movie: My Adventures Making Weird FilmsBostonwood et al.). Check out these books (and many more) on his Amazon author page HERE.





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