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MY NAME IS MOB: How the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Became a Battleground for Spiritual Warfare


Over the recent years, I have spent a lot of time reading the Bible, both for the purpose of strengthening my own moral and spiritual backbone, but also for the purpose of researching a number of books I’ve written. I’ve actually read a few different translations of the Bible, including the New International Version, King James Version and, more recently, the Good News Translation Version.


In the Good News Translation version, I was recently reading the Gospel of Mark and I noticed something in Chapter 5 that caught my eye. This is the chapter when Jesus performs an exorcism on a man in Gerasa who lives in a cave and is tormented by demons. What I found interesting about this particular translation was that the word used for the name of the group of demons inside this man was different. In most translations I was familiar with, the demons call themselves “Legion” and this seems to be the word used in the majority of Bible translations. However, the Good News Translation didn’t use the word “Legion”. Instead, it referred to the gang of demons as “Mob”.


So Jesus asked him, “What is your name!” The man answered, “My name is ‘Mob’ – there are so many of us!” – Mark 5:9


I was really struck by this particular translation because ‘mob’ is such a timely word these days. Over the past couple of years especially, we’ve seen the rise of the mob, whether it’s in the digital world (i.e. the “Twitter mob” that is out to cancel everyone) or in the actual physical world, like what we saw over the summer of 2020 when rioters hijacked George Floyd protests and destroyed cities and towns. Of course, I would be remiss if I did not also mention the elephant in the room, which is the January 6th Capitol Hill mob, although the events of January 6th are still in question, in my opinion. January 6th, from what I see, was a giant—pardon my French—clusterfuck of a situation, a combination of a pro-Trump mob angry over a stolen election, then you throw in an Antifa and a John Sullivan-led Black Lives Matter mob posing as Trump supporters for whatever reason[1], but then you have undercover FBI agents[2], what-appear-to-be professional agitators[3] and an underprepared Capitol Police force told to stand down and allow protesters to enter the Capitol building, which not only exacerbated the mob situation but perhaps manufactured it as though it were a false-flag operation, essentially one big set-up to make Trump and his supporters look bad and launch a new, open-ended war on domestic terror, not unlike what happened after 9/11 with the war on (foreign) terror, but, alas, I digress.[4]


The point I’m getting at here is that, over the past couple of years or so, we have seen the rise of the Mob. We saw it in Minneapolis, post-George Floyd, and then it spread to virtually every other American city, including my own city of Boston where there was egregious looting on Sunday night May 31st 2020, all of which was captured live on local news television, though the tapes have never seen the light of day since. We also saw the mob in Kenosha, Wisconsin after the shooting of Jacob Blake. Heck, we even recently saw the mob at what-was-supposed to be a fun event called the “Astroworld” music festival in Houston, Texas, when a mob got so out of control that 10 people got crushed and/or suffocated to death during rapper Travis Scott’s performance.[5]


While it’s true that these mobs consist of a mass of actual people that are hysterical and not thinking very clearly, Mark 5:9 tells us that what’s really happening in the spiritual dimension is that an army of demons have congregated in mass, taken power and authority over a group of human beings, and this army of demons named ‘Mob’ is looking to create chaos and destroy everything in its path. Or, to use more crass terms that I feel may be necessary, Mob is looking to FUCK…SHIT…UP.


Indeed, Mob is out to destroy basically anything and everything that is righteous and good and true. Perhaps more than anything else, though, Mob is out to destroy Justice. God’s Justice, that is. And this latter effort was on full display during the recent Kyle Rittenhouse trial in Kenosha, Wisconsin.


Now, I admit that I don’t know everything about the Kyle Rittenhouse case. I don’t have much of a life, but I at least have enough of a life to have made it impossible for me to follow the Rittenhouse trial from start to finish and evaluate every single piece of evidence. I would assume that most people are in the same boat as myself—that is, they didn’t have time to follow the whole trial—the only difference is that so many people out there pretend that they are experts who have carefully evaluated all the evidence when they are, in fact, not experts at all and, instead, rather ignorant. 


With all that being said, my general summation of what happened with the case of Kyle Rittenhouse was this:


On August 23, 2020, Kenosha police officers shot a black man named Jacob Blake. He was supposedly reaching into a car to get a knife when they shot him, but the police shot Blake seven times in the back, which seemed excessive to many people, especially the black community. Many of these people consequently exercised their first amendment right to protest what they saw as excessive force, took to the streets and peacefully made their voices heard. But then a mob of opportunistic, low-life losers came and hijacked the protest. They wanted to destroy Kenosha, loot the stores and burn the buildings down. Kyle Rittenhouse felt a connection to this city because his father and other family members lived there. He wanted to stop people from destroying a city he loved. So, on the third night of rioting (August 25th), he went to Kenosha armed with an assault rifle, which is legal in Wisconsin (rifles and shotguns are legal for 16 and 17-year-olds to carry openly in Wisconsin due to hunting laws), and tried to do what he could to stop the city from being destroyed. Part of why he did this was because Wisconsin governor Tony Evers and other local officials weren’t doing much to stop the destruction. They were basically allowing it to happen.

Rittenhouse the night of August 25, 2021

Anyway, while Kyle was protecting a car dealership and trying to put out fires, the mob of low-life losers saw what he was doing and didn’t like how Kyle was trying to stop their destruction, so they became hostile and attacked him. He shot one of these angry men named Joseph Rosenbaum (a white man with a troubled past), then was chased by the mob and Rittenhouse shot another two men (also white) named Anthony Huber and Gaige Grosskreutz (both with troubled pasts). Rosenbaum and Huber died while Grosskreutz got shot in the arm and survived. Rittenhouse then managed to get away from the mob, then told the police what happened, the police told him to back off and go home, basically, because they were currently concentrating on controlling the mob, but then Rittenhouse turned himself into the police later that night.


Again, that’s my general summation of what happened. You basically had peaceful protests regarding racial injustice that were hijacked by a mob of low-lifes and losers out to create chaos and destruction, a seventeen-year-old kid who, yes, probably should have just left well enough alone, was there to try to help clean up and put a stop to the destruction, the mob turned on him and he had to kill two men who were attacking him. To be fair, the latter two men that Kyle shot (Huber and Grosskreutz) supposedly thought Kyle was an active shooter and this may very well be true based on the chaos and confusion of the whole night. However, I’m not sure the active shooter claim completely holds up, since Kyle was running away from the mob and on the defense as opposed to running towards the mob on the offense. But, again, there was a lot of chaos and confusion, which is always the case with a mob.


Now, the above summation is perhaps an oversimplification of what happened the night of August 25th 2020, there are likely some details to add here and there, but, from what I saw, Kyle Rittenhouse justifiably killed two attackers in self-defense and I think my summation of what happened is accurate because a jury of 12 men and women who actually sat through the Rittenhouse trial from start to finish and carefully evaluated each piece of evidence came to the same conclusion as I did.


Despite the facts, however, the media Mob brought the word ‘hysteria’ to a whole new level, spewed out a torrent of misinformation regarding the case, tried to convince everyone that Kyle Rittenhouse was a white supremacist and also basically tried to turn the trial into a race war. Heck, it wasn’t just the media, though; even president Joe Biden (then candidate Joe Biden) himself referred to Kyle Rittenhouse as a white supremacist in a September 2020 Tweet![6] Basically, what the media and Joe were insinuating was, “If you believe Kyle was acting in self-defense, you are a white supremacist just like Kyle. You are also an incredibly racist and horrible human being.” This, of course, is not rational behavior. It’s irrational Mob behavior. It’s behavior based on feelings, not facts. I feel Kyle is a white supremacist, therefore it’s true [even though all three men he shot were white, not black]. A feelings-based reality is not reality; it’s unreality.


Indeed, the reason why the Kyle Rittenhouse trial became so important really had nothing to do with whether Kyle was guilty of murder or acting in self-defense (although that was important to determine, obviously). There was something much larger going on and that was the war between Justice and Mob Justice, which is essentially a war between reality and unreality and, even broader, a war between God and Mob. The Legion of demons that is Mob was trying to make a big move and that move was to take down God’s rule of law, perhaps once and for all.


In fact, I think this is why the trial became so nationally (and even internationally) fascinating to people. Because many people knew, at least on a subconscious level if not a conscious one, that this was spiritual warfare, plain and simple … between Mob—yes, the very same gang of demons that Jesus exorcised from the tormented man in Gerasa—and God. And, boy, Mob put up one hell of a fight. There was so much pressure and intimidation on the jurors to do the wrong thing and rule the way Mob wanted them to rule. This intimidation reached an absurd level when a photographer from MSNBC got caught stalking the jurors’ bus on the way to the courthouse during the week of deliberation.[7] Was he going to photograph the jurors so all the world would know their identities? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe it was an indirect threat. Maybe it was intimidation. Either way, the message was basically, “If you don’t do what we want, jurors, we will put your identities out to the world and then you’re going to be fucked.” The judge overseeing the Rittenhouse trial had to consequently ban MSNBC from his courtroom for the remainder of the trial.


In the end, the jury did not cave to Mob…thankfully. They did the right thing and chose actual Justice over Mob Justice. However, the Rittenhouse trial will still go down in history as a reminder of how close we came to Mob Justice taking over actual Justice and also how close we came to the demonic Mob overthrowing truth and righteousness and reality and, yes, even God Himself. Mob knew this was its chance to make a key advance on the spiritual warfare front and it pulled out every stop at its disposal to give God a significant blow. But, in the end, Mob lost this battle and God won. And although this is usually what happens (i.e. God wins), we would all be lying if we didn’t admit that this battle was one hell of a nail-biter. I think, for many of us, there were several moments during the trial and especially during the week of deliberation (which took four days) where we thought Mob could actually…possibly…just maybe…pull out a win.



MATT BURNS is the author of THE WOMAN AND THE DRAGON, a novella inspired by the Book of Revelation. He’s also published many novels (Johnny CruiseSupermarket Zombies! et al.) as well as memoirs (Garage Movie: My Adventures Making Weird FilmsBostonwood et al.). Check out these books (and many more) on his Amazon author page HERE.





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Thursday, November 4, 2021

The Evolution of My Views Regarding Abortion


When I was a senior at Boston University, way back in 2004, I remember that me and a friend of mine were across town at Emerson College working as production assistants on a film production. At a certain point not long into the day (maybe early afternoon), we eventually felt that our services were no longer needed, they had plenty of help, and my friend and I wandered off to a nearby bar called The Tam, located in the theater district.


We drank several beers at The Tam and talked for a couple hours at least, about various things. Politics came up at some point. Back then, I was the typical liberal college student in Boston and I identified as a Democrat, figuring that’s the party I would likely identify with for the rest of my life. During the political discussion, the subject of abortion arose and I told my friend that I didn’t really have a stance on it, though I knew my mother did. I explained to my friend that my mother was very ANTI-abortion and I couldn’t understand why she was so passionate about it. Well, I could KIND of understand why (she saw it as murder, basically) but, to me, I felt there were bigger fish to fry, meaning there were many more pressing political issues to be fired up over. But, no, for my mom, abortion was a deal-breaker of an issue, meaning she would never ever vote Democrat because the Democratic party was pro-choice. I thought that was a shame, because I believed, in general, that the Democratic party was so much more righteous than the Republican party, especially at the time. I mean, the George W. Bush administration was an abomination in my eyes (I still see them that way to this day). But that was her party of choice because they were pro-life. I thought she just wasn’t sophisticated enough to understand all the other more complex political issues at play. Yes, I thought I was such a smarty-pants. I went to BU! I thought I knew everything. 


Years passed and my stance on abortion didn’t change that much. As far as I was concerned, who was I to judge what a woman should choose to do with her body? I personally didn’t want to be involved in a choice to have an abortion and I hoped that I would never find myself in a situation where a woman I was with would have to face the surprise of an unexpected pregnancy. But, yes, I generally felt that it wasn’t my place to tell a woman what they should do. So I guess maybe I was pro-choice then, who knows? I simply didn’t feel like I should make it my business or judge, even though I would never want to be involved with an abortion personally.


Later on in my years, however, my views began to change. Basically, what I saw happening in society was that we were moving away from a pro-choice attitude to I-guess-what-I-would-call a super-enthusiastic attitude towards abortion. It was basically being sold as something that could empower women. It was even being sold as a rites of passage kind of a thing. “Should you get an abortion? Sure, it’s something every woman does a couple of times when they’re young. That’s right: it’s something every smart, sophisticated, independent woman goes through! No biggie.”


At this point, I wasn’t necessarily developing a hardcore pro-life stance, but I did strongly feel that it shouldn’t be something that should be encouraged. And the main reason I felt it shouldn’t be encouraged was for the woman’s—especially the young woman’s—sake who could be easily swayed by society. I put myself in the woman’s shoes and, although I would be scared by an unplanned pregnancy, I also knew (based on what I knew about myself) that the decision to abort the baby would haunt me for the rest of my life. Because that’s the kind of person I am. I would always wonder what that baby would have been like. I also would have wondered about whether I committed a sin. Was I a murderer? Society would say ‘no’, but what would God say? I wouldn’t have been able to let it go. It would have been a wound that I would carry with me forever. And ever.


So that was the basic reason why I became more of a pro-life individual. I felt like, instead of encouraging abortion and trying to sell it as a liberating act, we should be discouraging women from making that choice. Even though it wouldn’t have been considered politically-correct, I felt that we should have been strongly warning young women in high school health class that abortion is NOT something that they want to do, NOT something that they want to live with for the rest of their life. You do NOT want to be haunted. You do NOT want to keep asking yourself, “Did I make the right decision? Who would that baby have grown up to be? Am I murderer in God’s eyes?”


Again, I didn’t cast any judgement on women who chose to abort, but I felt that there was something very wrong with our society basically encouraging women to have an abortion, like it was something empowering to do, like it was something that would liberate them from male-dominated society or something along those lines. It was kind of like abortion was being sold as an expression of “girl power.”


Recently, however, I had a major revelation, and this revelation has since made me adopt a much more hardcore pro-life stance. What I’m about to explain has been something that, for the past few years or so, I had felt deep down was maybe happening, but I also felt it was crazy for me to think so. However, now that I’ve recently read the Bible in its entirety, it makes a whole lot more sense. My feelings have been confirmed.


Now, if you read the Holy Bible, and I mean from start to finish, especially in the Old Testament books, you will notice a recurring trend where the nation of Israel is going well for a while, but, inevitably, the people stray from the Lord and they begin to worship false idols who are really demonic fallen angels posing as gods. There are a number of false gods that make appearance after appearance in the Old Testament, including the gods Asherah, Astarte and Dagon, but there are two false gods in particular named Baal and Molech that literally demand child sacrifices from people who worship them and in return they promise (short-term) power and blessings. Why is this important? Because what is abortion but a form of child sacrifice. The child is very young, indeed, still in the womb, but it still counts as a child sacrifice, as it is a living being, perhaps the purest form of God’s creation. It’s really no different from killing a child that is outside of the womb and it’s perhaps even more egregious since the child is still in utero and, thus, all the more innocent.


What I’m getting at here is that Baal and Molech, along with their leader, “The Enemy” (i.e. Satan, the devil), have figured out a way to make child sacrifice the law of the land and they’ve been able to accomplish this in the guise of “women’s reproductive rights” and “women’s lib” and all that kind of woke stuff. Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court legal decision that made abortion legal, was all a trick by “the Enemy” to make child sacrifice a daily occurrence in America. People call it abortion or, even more euphemistically, a “termination”, but it’s really child sacrifice by definition.


Do not give any of your children to be sacrificed to Molek [another spelling for Molech], for you must not profane the name of your God. I am the LORD.


-- Leviticus 18:21



They have built the high places of Baal to burn their children in the fire as offerings to Baal – something I did not command or mention, nor did it enter my mind.


-- Jeremiah 19:5


Now, the more children that are sacrificed, the stronger the demons Baal, Molech and, yes, Satan get. If evil were one of those old locomotive trains from the 1800s, the child sacrifices would be the fuel that made its engine run. The Planned Parenthood abortion clinic is like the train “fireman” tossing the coal onto the fire to fuel the engine.


In other words, the more abortion there is, the more evil there is in the land. Abortion basically opens up a gateway to hell so that the evil can flood into our earthly dimension. Currently, there are about 73.3 million abortions worldwide each year, according to the WHO.[1] And 125,000 abortions occur on a daily basis![2]

Handing a child over to the Altar of Baal

Statue of Molech holding a child


So that’s why there is so much evil in the world right now (in late-2021). That’s why the world is a mess. Legalized child sacrifice (i.e. abortion) is at the very root of it all or at least the bulk of it all. The key to setting the world straight is to get rid of the abortion. As long as it is law of the land, it gives The Enemy and his army of fallen demons the power to come in and wreak havoc on the land. Without the egregious sin (i.e. the murdering of the unborn children, the destruction of God’s most innocent of creations), these dark forces have no authority and, really, no power. That’s how it all works.


I know what many of you are thinking right now: “You’re crazy, Matt. You’ve become one of those wacko Bible-toting fire and brimstone nut-jobs.” I would have called myself nuts way back in the day when I was Mr. Smarty-Pants at BU. But I was ignorant. All you have to do is read the Bible and it becomes so clear. As the prophet Robin Bullock has said so many times in his prophetic videos, abortion is not one of many issues…it is THE issue.[3] It’s literally the child sacrifice that gives the Enemy and his army of false gods their power. The abortion industry is providing the fuel that evil so desperately needs to thrive in this world. It makes so much sense now. My mom was so right in making abortion THE issue of all issues.


In summary, this country will not be able to sustain itself for very long as long as abortion is law of the land, basically because it opens up our land to too much dark energy. The debate over women’s reproductive rights or when the life of a baby technically begins is all a distraction, really, and moot. The fact of the matter is that eliminating abortion will deprive evil of its fuel. While there was certainly a lot of evil in the world before Roe V. Wade, the evil today is at an unprecedented peak and it’s at this peak due to the abortion, which is basically the coal fueling the furnace of hell itself.


Now, just recently, our current “President” (I put that in quotes because I believe Trump actually won in 2020) Joe Biden met with Pope Francis at the Vatican and, while they supposedly discussed many things, one topic of conversation that was apparently absent was abortion. Biden, as you probably know, is pro-choice. The Pope apparently had nothing to say about this and, instead, called Biden a “good Catholic” who should receive Communion.[4] It’s very possible that Biden could have been lying about the Pope calling him a good Catholic because Biden basically lies about everything, but the Pope never spoke out publicly to say anything to the contrary. So I guess we should assume it’s true.


What does this mean?


It means the Pope is either corrupt at the core or he is, at the very best, a watered-down version of a Christian. In fact, maybe the Pope is a walking personification of how watered-down Christianity has become over the years. Either way, he is completely useless if he doesn’t see anything wrong with Biden who is not only very pro-choice but also forces people to take COVID-19 vaccines that were developed and manufactured using aborted fetal cell lines, meaning these vaccines were essentially derived from an aborted fetus, further meaning the vaccines would not exist had it not been for an abortion.[5] Indeed, the vaccines were “born” out of the unborn, which brings me to one last point…


What is the COVID-19 vaccine but something derived from an abortion and, thus, a child sacrifice? Therefore, does this “vaccine” come from God? Or does it come from a dark force like Baal or Molech or even Satan himself? After all, we should remember that the word ‘pharmacy’ comes from the Greek word ‘pharmakeus’, which means ‘sorcerer’, and the word ‘pharmaceutical’ in Greek is ‘pharmakon’, which also means ‘potion’ or ‘spell’.[6] So is the COVID vaccine really a miracle drug? Or is it more like a sorcerer’s potion that our government is mandating we inject into our bodies? If it’s the latter, what are the effects of such a potion on our bodies, but, even more importantly, what are the effects on our souls?



MATT BURNS is the author of THE WOMAN AND THE DRAGON, a novella inspired by the Book of Revelation. He’s also published many novels (Johnny CruiseSupermarket Zombies! et al.) as well as memoirs (Garage Movie: My Adventures Making Weird FilmsBostonwood et al.). Check out these books (and many more) on his Amazon author page HERE.




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