Wednesday, March 21, 2012

REEL MONSTER - my new novel

Please read the first ten pages of my third novel REEL MONSTER. What I may do is post a few chapters here and there, which will help motivate me to keep editing the current rough draft. Any comments or feedback would be appreciated as I go along, as it's a work in progress.

The story is about two misfit teens who find a magic VCR that enables them to pull their favorite movie star (Johnny Cruise) out of the movies and into the real world. With Johnny as their new friend, the two teens try to become the most popular kids in their high school and win over the girls of their dreams.

In the spirit of John Hughes movies like WEIRD SCIENCE and other fun 1980s teen flicks, REEL MONSTER is mostly a fun teenager story inspired by my days at high school and the wild fantasies of my youth.

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