Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Outer Body Experience

A few nights ago, I had somewhat of a strange experience and I thought I should document it. I guess you could say it was like a weird dream, but I'm not sure it actually WAS a dream.

All I remember is being in some sort of white tunnel and seeing dark figures not too far in front of me. The figures were silhouettes of people. There were differences in height but no facial features or anything like that. Just shadows.

We didn't exchange any words, but I had the impression that I had just finished hugging these people and I was saying goodbye (telepathically). I got a very loving and encouraging feeling from them. I also got the sense that they were family, but from a past lifetime. I don't know why, but I felt they were from a past life I allegedly had in Poland (read about this life HERE).

Then, all of a sudden I became conscious of being back in my bedroom, but I wasn't fully in my body. I was slightly above it, hovering a few feet over my bed. But, then, slowly and slowly I started to seep back into my body. It was a very strange sensation.

At first, I shook the whole experience off as being a weird dream. But the next day it occurred to me that what I may have experienced was an O.B.E. (i.e. an outer body experience).

An OBE is basically a phenomenon that occurs when your soul, higher self, higher consciousness, spirit (call it what you will) temporarily leaves your body and goes into the spirit world. Usually we have no conscious awareness of this occurring. We wake up the next morning and don't know anything happened. But sometimes we end up remembering.

For whatever reason, I seemed to become consciously aware of my OBE at the very tail end of its occurrence. I got the impression that there was more to my experience than I remembered. It's possible that I was visiting certain people on "the other side" and I only became aware of this happening when I was saying goodbye to them and going back into my body. Why I was visiting them I do not know, unless this is something that often occurs and I don't normally recollect any of it.

Of course, the experience could have all been a hallucination or a dream. But one has to wonder whether it actually happened. Have you ever had an OBE? What is their purpose???

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  1. My theory, for what it's worth, is that as spiritual entities, we are confined into our bodies while alive on earth. This is unnatural to us. During sleep, we are able to go "home" and visit. Kind of like stretching our legs at rest stops along the highway of life. Science has yet to explain why we need to sleep so many hours per 24 cycle. Some of it is for brain organization and physical rest... but some might be for astral projection, maybe?