Friday, March 1, 2019

South Station Serendipity

Coincidence? Serendipity? Synchronicity? Evidence that the spirit of the late MCA is around me?

I was inside South Station today and I sat at one of those newish tall tables with the bar-like stools that are supposed to be all sophisticated and on-the-move and young-professional-like (let's switch back to the normal, less pretentious tables, please). I was looking at my phone or whatever when I heard a "Nice patch." I looked up towards the voice. The young man sitting across from me at the table saw the Beastie Boys patch on my bag. Then he showed me the book he was reading: BEASTIE BOYS BOOK, the new Beasties memoir that came out about a few months ago.

"I literally just finished it," he said. 

Yes, he finished it, looked up and saw my Beasties patch across from him. He couldn't believe his eyes. What a crazy coincidence!

I told him that I, too, had recently read the book and we discussed it for a few minutes (we especially discussed the chapter that had the Bob Dylan story; if you've read the book, you know what I'm talking about). Then I said, "You know, I wrote my own book about the Beastie Boys. Wild, right? It's called BEASTIE FEVER. You can find it on Amazon for a buck." He said he would check it out and then he left to catch a train.

What are the odds? As soon as this guy finishes the 600-page BEASTIE BOYS BOOK he looks up and sees me sitting across from him, one of the biggest Beasties fans on the planet (some people call me the unofficial fourth Beastie and by 'some people' I mostly refer to myself and, when I say 'mostly', I mean 'only'). Yes, me: the dude who wrote BEASTIE FEVER, for cry eye!

Clearly the spirit of MCA had somehow brought us together and created the insane "coincidence". No, you haters out there say it's wishful thinking but this is fact, I tells ya. I was guided to that young man today. I tapped into a magical Beastie "Force"* on some alternate level of consciousness and that's how I had my what-I'll-now-refer-to-as South Station serendipity.

* MCA died on May 4th. You know, "May the Fourth be with you". Doesn't it all make perfect sense now? Of course it does.

You can find my BEASTIE FEVER book here:

And here's the BEASTIE FEVER trailer:

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