Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Palmiry: My Past-Life Update

This blog is an update to my past-life regression blog that I wrote almost a month ago (click HERE to read). In the blog, I explained how Donna Ciaciarella (a gifted regression therapist) told me that I was indirectly involved in the massacre of around 1,000 Polish intellectuals that occurred in Nazi-occupied Poland during WWII. After doing some research, I believe I've identified the massacre that I was more than likely involved with.

After Germany occupied Poland in 1939, the Nazis wanted to be sure that the 'Poles' wouldn't organize and start any sort of resistance. The best way they thought they could prevent this from happening was by rounding up all of Poland's intellectuals and exterminating them - people like lawyers and professors and doctors and politicians, and journalists, and poets and bankers etc. The Nazis figured that if they eliminated the Polish intelligentsia, they would eliminate all potential "leaders" who would be able to organize any sort of revolt.

A Nazi government official by the name of Hans Frank consequently developed the "AB ACTION", which was the official name for the German campaign to eliminate the Polish intellectuals. The Nazis basically made a list of people who they saw as a threat, imprisoned them for a while, and gradually executed the prisoners in a series of well-organized massacres that started in December 1939 and continued well into 1940.

Most of these massacres occurred in a cleared section of the Kampinos forest (in Poland) called 'Palmiry' (see above photo). The Nazis would pack the Polish prisoners in tarp-covered lorries, assuring them they were only being transported to concentration camps, which (of course) was a lie. Sometimes the Nazis would even blindfold the prisoners so they wouldn't know what was happening to them until the last minute, when it was too late to run or even panic. The truck-loads of blindfolded prisoners would then roll into the Palmiry forest, where they were executed by a firing squad and buried in mass graves. This is where I more than likely came into the picture.

When Donna Ciaciarella regressed me, her description of the massacres I was involved with almost identically matched the ones that occurred at Palmiry. When she said my job was "to clear land" it's likely that I was the man hired to clear the area of the Kampinos forest and dig the graves, which the Germans initially lied and told me would function as "anti-aircraft trenches". Donna's description of the trucks with tarps and blindfolded prisoners was eerily similar to what occurred at Palmiry. Donna also stressed the fact that the prisoners who were executed were Polish intellectuals, not Jewish people. Furthermore, she described how "hush-hush" the whole operation was, how the burials were covered up, both figuratively and literally. In other words, all signs pointed to Palmiry as the place where my past-life experience occurred. It was exactly what Donna had related to me through her vision. If this is true, I am essentially the man who created Palmiry, which is kind of a disturbing thought, though while I was creating it I had no idea what it was going to be used for.

After more research, I was unable to find the name of the person who was hired to clear the Kampinos forest and dig the graves. I assumed that if I did find the name, then this person probably would have been me. I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to attain such information. I'm not even sure it's in my best interest to know exactly who I was. It would be a strange discovery to make, because then I could potentially locate my family - my children, grandchildren etc. Perhaps "living in the past" like this wouldn't be a good thing. Maybe it's more important to focus on the present, to move forward and concentrate on my current life. Time will tell.

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